The Ultimate Guide of Best Bookkeeping for Real Estate Brokers

You do not only have to look at the profits to understand the working of your business. Apart from what it is doing at a particular time frame, you must make sure it is quarterly, monthly, and annual progress. There could be a time when you think of selling the franchise. It is when all of this comes into play.


Having a picture of your business always is extremely important so that you are not unaware of anything. Your business might be running well, but suddenly you are able to sell the franchise. You realize it is not the worth you thought it would be. Find the best bookkeeping services in Florida.

It is like being in ill shape for a long time. Meaning that if you look at the present, it might look better than yesterday, but you are still not well. In this bad shape, you need to get out of it. The same goes for the business. If you feel the business is in bad condition, you’ve to get out of this. 

To start, you need to find the difference between the income statements and the balance sheets. Here are multiple things you can learn from them which could be helpful for the future. Get the best bookkeeping services in Tampa.

Looking at the Income Statement

The income statement is what most people look at as it clarifies how much you are bringing. More important than that, it tells you how much is going out. There is more to it, but in summary, this is all you can find from it. The income statement at the bottom line shows revenue minus expenses i.e., profit during a specific period. However, this will not tell your company’s worth. The profit is not what the value of a company is. You can find multiple examples where profits have been too high, but the company has still had a lower value. While, in some cases, the company has not been in too much profit, still it’s worth might be high. 

Using Balance Sheet to get better Picture

In the balance sheet, you will find a discussion around three things. First is what the business owns like, assets, inventories, equipment, etc. Then comes what it owes, which are liabilities, loans, payroll expenses, etc. What is left after liability is the last, which is equity as an owner. Get help from the best QuickBooks pro advisors.

Apart from all these things, what a balance sheet shows are the total worth of the company. It gives you more details than how a company is doing currently. 

While deciding to look at your income statement and balance sheet both is extremely important. Only with these two documents will one understand the value of the company. Then they will be able to make a suitable decision. The red flags like if your liabilities are higher than your assets will be clear from this. You will be able to take the business in the right direction. Also, these will allow you to keep an updated book. With this, you can make better changes and take the business in a better position. 

What is the Bottom Line?

The bottom line to keep a check on any business is to start with the books. Make sure that all the book listing is done in the right way. An orderly listing will mean that you will be able to visit the records anytime and make a comparison for business growth. Also, when selling a business, it will give you a better idea of the growth. With this, you will also know the right time to sell the business before it is too down. You can find the best Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors in Florida to help with accounts. 

If the finances are current and accurate any person will be interested in the deal if the details interest them. There have been numerous cases where the business value just doubles of their account are current and accurate. Finished accounts help a lot to the business to accelerate and thus carry such value. Follow these steps and keep your records transparent to value your business.

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